Hester Mc Donald
Vincent’s rapid understanding of our brand strategy and target customers, combined with his outstanding design capability, delivered a perfect result for us first time. Additionally, his flexibility to work with our tight deadlines, means that we would recommend his work to everyone, large or small.  
Hester Mc DonaldDirectorSwiss Gardening School



Iconographic Book of Paraná

Iconography of the state of PARANÁ (Brazil) 128-page book This project includes all the research to define the 40 icons of the state of PARANÁ, the design of each respective icon and the applications on fabrics, ceramic, wood, etc. The purpose of the book is to show the profuseness of iconic inspiration for the craftsmen and artists of the state.                

JAI Luxury Brochure

JAI Home Relax Residence Luxury Brochure The concept of the JAI Residence was inspired in Thailand’s relaxing spirit. The entire graphic project uses Thai symbols, icons and images. The cover was embelished with textured varnish, hot-stamping and embossing.   Cover Detail     Brochure                

Brognoli Acoustic Show

Brognoli Acoustic Show - Unplugged Every year BROGNOLI Real Estate organizes an acoustic show to support local artists and bands in Santa Catarina, Brazil. In 2008 the concept was "Retrieving the Classical Songs of the State of Santa Catarina". The project includes all the communication, scenography, press-kit, etc...   Poster     Brochure     Billboard   Stage Scenography      

Museography BADESC

BADESC-NEREU RAMOS Museum Inauguration     The NEREU RAMOS Museum inauguration was a big project which included invitation, brochure, scenography, illustrations and a multimedia project.     Invitation The envelope was printed with special PANTONE metallic grey colour, included an illustration printed on transparent paper and the invitation was printed with special metallic PANTONE ink.       Brochure Printed in quadrichromy + special PANTONE metallic colour.         Example of the scenography                    

Bicycle Race Trophy


PRODIS Video Security System has, for the first time, sponsored the Tour de Romandie 2013, a well known Swiss Bicycle race which is broadcast in over 32 countries. 21 international teams with over 160 racers participated of the race. PRODIS has hired me to develop a Trophy for the most combative racer voted by prestigious journalists and the public. After creating a sculpture of a bicycle racer which is motorized (the legs ans wheels actually move!!!) I asked Mr. Charles Morgan (www.morgan-art.ch) to realize it. And the winner is... Matthias Brändle from the IAM team. The video can be found here -> https://vimeo.com/65032776 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Follow the research drawings for the Trophy Final Trophy realized by Mr. Charles Morgan

Indian Currency

Special project for the Indian Bank. Iconographic and typographic research, special security printing (using a specific software on a Silicon Graphics Workstation), as part of the team who developed the new Indian Currency (10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000 rupees banknotes).   Typographic Research     Structure Design   Examples of the Bank Notes   Guilloche Detail